Caught in the Act

I like to spoil my daughter when I can, so I made her one of my old-fashioned Ayurvedic facial recipes when she came to visit. She said, “The minute you put that on, George will walk in.” and she was right! He took these pictures.
something about the perspective of this one looks as though I have shrunken her head: I promise these facials are absolutely harmless!

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5 Responses to Caught in the Act

  1. a-m says:

    Oh you are such a lovely Mum!
    A-M xx

  2. Can I come visit and get a facial? Please don’t shrink my head though, I can’t stand to lose anymore brain cells! ;)


  3. Hooray for George. What a lovely mother-daughter picture. That should be blown up, framed and hung on the wall if you ask me! Jane

  4. ooh I’d like that facial recipe :) We a long overdue for tea but now I’m thinking more like lunch that someone else fixes.. are you around town next weeks?

    xo Kit

  5. Terri long says:

    You are so funny!!!
    Your daughter looks beautiful even in that state!!!

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