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Wing Chair Cover

After a long lull I am making progress on the wing chair. I had bought the gray flannel fabric and draped it over and sort of got stuck there – it certainly looked better than the original. But then I … Continue reading

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Caught in the Act

I like to spoil my daughter when I can, so I made her one of my old-fashioned Ayurvedic facial recipes when she came to visit. She said, “The minute you put that on, George will walk in.” and she was … Continue reading

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I’m in a Huff

Such a huff Just for the record, the key was to our place in France (don’t worry, we left a copy).

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The Old Ways

I have just spent a blissful evening dusting and tidying the Singer Feather Light which belonged to George’s aunt: it is absolutely intact, the label, instruction book etc are all there, the feet are still in the original envelope except … Continue reading

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Mandala a Day

My friend Marz is an artist and art teacher (a brave one), and has committed to one mandala a day for 365 days. I love them all, love the progression and the jumps, but this one caught me up in … Continue reading

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I love my sister’s house in Annandale, Sydney, and most of all I love the loggia, especially when there is a wild rainstorm, you can feel the wind but are out of reach of the rain. I made the daybed … Continue reading

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Ladies of Fortune

The Ladies of Fortune lunched in fine style in Tricia George‘s studio today – isn’t she talented?We ate and drank and told stories – Kitty brought some of her marvellous inventive corsets – What a lovely bunch of friends – … Continue reading

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The Bikers come to Town

Canada geese have invaded, and they are not good neighbours, drinking and hooting and brawling into the small hours. I am ashamed to say I have longing fantasies of a BB gun. Can you imagine how quickly I’d be drummed … Continue reading

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At Last!

I have so much to blog about, and I write posts all the time in my head, but life seems to have geared up a notch. Consequently I threw in the towel and spent all weekend in bed, apart from … Continue reading

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When a Day is Magic

Why do the stars align so beautifully some days? Today was one of them. We needed to shoot an additional sequence for the Angel Island commercial. Islands have a special magic anyway, and the ride over made me love living … Continue reading

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