TV Easel

I took some time out yesterday to make my tv easel, but it was really for the sake of my sanity. My bedroom ceiling is down, the wiring is presenting the usual complications Viennay can only work half days (why didn’t he tell me?!) and we are busier than ever. Half an hour on the deck with my chop saw and a stack of virgin lumber makes perfect sense.

See? I am sane.

I had made the Quasimodo version on Saturday, not realising I would want the eyeline a good bit higher than it was. The pity is that used up my carefully saved repurposed timber, so I have gone for new and will pickle or stain it. Upside? I had already worked out the compound angles I needed, and the brace points, so it took only half an hour.

the wires will go in a conduit, promise

Wheels on it next.

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3 Responses to TV Easel

  1. Your brilliant! What a great idea for a creative way to use your TV How talented of you to be able to make something like that. Is it as sturdy as it looks. Seem like it needs to be pretty sturdy to hold a TV To raise the eye level maybe consider putting old industrial wheels on the legs. I’ve seem them on dining and coffee tables and they look great!

  2. stitchfork says:

    I believe there is nothing that you cannot do!
    xo Cathy

  3. this is quite clever. it would be so simple to do that and then cart the screen around. especially for when you feel like watching a show outside. your blog is so lovely.

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