Lovely Weekend

winter light

Sometimes, you get it right.

First thing to brighten the morning was finding one leftover chocolate truffle, just right for breakfast.

I rarely clear properly after a dinner party, and this is my reward

Then we had to create new cable runs for wiring for the video projector – quite a business in an old house! It turned out to be easier than I expected with my new one inch drill bit, and a bit of fishing. Good fun.

This was the disgraceful state of my Mac Mini I was putting extra memory into it – amazing that it worked! Then I untangled a nest of tangled wires for my husband, and bound them with velcro ties – have I bored you with my passion for cable control? I love doing it and he hates it, so we’re both happy! Now if only I can do the same behind my television easel I can take some decent photos. This one is more to show the old shutters I put outside to cut some of the sunlight into this room, but the easel is there too, plus the camera as we were attempting some closeups, but the light failed while we were fooling around. There’s always tomorrow.

My main preoccupation was finishing my bedroom ceiling, chamfering the trim to accommodate the angle of the new slope and cutting in the tricky bit above the wardrobe, with a new dropped ceiling over the awkward corner where the door is. I have almost decided I have to plank the walls too, as I hate the fancy-schmancy profile on the existing boarding. I also far too excited about my newly invented tin light reflector which is only a lashup so far. This is just a sneak – missing some trim, light not wired up, pile of wood in the corner but ~ I am thrilled with the feeling of openness the raised ceiling gives, and the exposed beams. The whole room smells delicious too from the cedar sawdust, though I don’t enjoy it in my socks so swept it all up – a pity really.

Next to go will be the condo carpet, but I can’t face the upheaval of emptying the room again for a while. However since any time I finish a house I sell it, I had better not finish this one! We like it here too much.

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7 Responses to Lovely Weekend

  1. The ceiling looks awesome!

  2. I could use your cable wrangling skills right about now as I have way too many of them around my desk area! And I love your new ceiling and your shutters, and how you are always creating within your space. But I hope you don’t finish up and move, I would be sad to miss seeing your beautiful slice of heaven!

    Kat :)

  3. jen says:

    Love the ceiling!

  4. tammy says:

    … that first line and picture …
    “sometimes you get it right”
    yes you do. and you did.

  5. stitchfork says:

    raising the roof there! Lookin’ good!
    Truffles – the breakfast of champions

  6. leslie says:

    the shutters were a great idea. and my new favorite word is “chamfer.”

  7. emelie says:

    Ohh I AM partial to shutters – they look lovely there, Tricia!

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