I Don’t Want to be Adult

I want to live in a shed in my own back yard. I want to keep a sleeping bag in my car. I want to kidnap Buckley and go on a road trip.

As a culmination of these feelings we goofed off this weekend to Yosemite – for the first time, so only now can I call myself Californian. We took photos, got stuck in the snow, talked with the natives and read a lot and had a perfectly wonderful two days.

view from our room

That’s all it takes to make me human again.

You will notice I didn’t mention the food. Best to draw a veil over it except for a fantastic last breakfast in Mariposa, at the Happy. Otherwise I can understand why mountain men just lived on beans.

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7 Responses to I Don’t Want to be Adult

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Your pictures are wonderful! Love Mr Coyote! I really identify with the need for that kind of freedom now and then. So glad for you!

  2. So glad you got away, that is such a beautiful part of the country! And I have to say that you made me really nervous in that first pic where you are teetering on the precipice! It made my hands sweat, lol.

    Kat :)

  3. jen says:

    Yosemite is spectacular. I camped there many years ago. You make me miss California.

  4. stitchfork says:

    Stellar photos! And just looking at you sitting on the wall gives me butterflies and I want to reach out and pull you back to solid ground.
    xo Cathy

  5. kerrie says:

    love that first photo. Yosemite is my husband and sons favorite place. They go 2-4 times a year to hike. They will be going again in June for two nights and three days of hiking.

  6. Fabulous first shot there…, totally capturing the sentiment. Road trips are so carefree…, and there is so much beauty to see. Good for you guys!

  7. Regena Klien says:

    There is absolutely no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There’s time for work. And time for love. That leaves few other time!
    Whales only get harpooned when they arrive at the top, and turtles could only move forward after they stick their neck out, but investors face risk whatever they are doing.

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