Half Done

I am running waaaaay behind. This week I had been hoping to take some beautiful photos of the cabin for a very flattering invitation from a very up-there blog, but at this point I have stripped half the planking off ready for my friend Kevin the electrician to make an honest woman of me (as far as wiring is concerned). For exactly the same reason the vaulted and planked bedroom ceiling is on hold, half done, and since I bought yet another sewing machine (this one’s a beauty!) I have been rearranging the workroom as well. Result? In this tiny house just about every room is upside down.

half planking on, half planking off

Do you see the old school desk on the right? That is my dressing table (it used to be Cissy’s desk, and then Felix’s, and has both their names carved in it, so I’m sentimental but it is also useful). The rattan chair? My bedroom chair. The blue trunk? Now emptied of duvets in order to hold light stands and tripods (yes, we have that many and then some).

When I was at Alameda this Sunday I called in at Euro Linens to see their lovely stuff, and while I was chatting to Dani and Lauren Dani mentioned they have Juki machines. Later that day while I was kicking my disappointing Bernina I decided to make the plunge, and we carted my new baby home on Tuesday. It is like living with a panther, so powerful, quiet and sleek! I haven’t sewn my finger yet…I hope I never do! It’s bad enough having one hand in a cast, whenever I type p I also type ., or / with the metal brace under my wrist. It truly is a wonder I haven’t turned to Drink.

I soothed my rattled sensibilities a little by taking some photos – isn’t it wonderful the way the camera gives both distance and involvement? One was of a battered old cushion cover I found in the laundry, a little worn, a little stained, and totally in the spirit of my new obsession boro. I took a photo of that but it wasn’t good (it looked awfully like a stained, worn cushion cover). Ah well, there are some things only a mother can love.

Another photo was of the pitchfork head currently sitting in the inkwell of my beloved old desk. My intention is to drill a slanting hole high in the wall and intall it so it can hold…what? Something beautiful. This plan is not yet fully formulated but is the absolute essence of what I enjoy about fiddling with the decor.

Not that I am at a loose end – for the past fortnight life has been full of strenuous activity. Is everyone else really busy?

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4 Responses to Half Done

  1. jen says:

    This is all sort of mysterious (where is the cabin?) and interesting (dying–in a good way–over its rustic beauty and wondering if it’s a boathouse) and fun (you sound so energetic and creative and slightly zany). Though I’ve been reading your blog for a while, I realize there is so much I don’t know. I must start paying attention…

  2. tammy says:

    oh my goodness.
    i’m a bit like jen above, somehow i managed to miss how you ‘broke?’ your wrist. or in my senior moments, just forgot. more than likely, the latter.
    i could live in your wonderful house as-is. i love it! i’m a regular reader, as you know. but this time came by way of leslie on her houseboat. i must admit i had no idea your waterside cabin is so beautiful from afar. the picture on your header does not do it or the view justice!
    only you… in your cute little hat! sorry. just sayin’.
    still… i would trade places with you in a heartbeat. now if you would just throw in all your talent and creativity… it would seal the deal.
    tammy j

  3. kerrie says:

    Oh dear I did not know you were in a cast. But I do love to read your ramblings and love how creative you are in your home interior designs.
    PS thanks for the details of the t.v easel…hubby might have a go at it one of these days when he has time to get in his shop and build stuff!

  4. You tempt me to appear for a prolonged visit there with photos like that. LOL. What a great looking space. And the cat in the post above has one gorgeous face. Reminds me a bit of my brother’s though he has the shyest cat on the planet. Waiting to see more luscious linens. Jane

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