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I Don’t Want to be Adult

I want to live in a shed in my own back yard. I want to keep a sleeping bag in my car. I want to kidnap Buckley and go on a road trip. As a culmination of these feelings we … Continue reading

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Just a Cabin

I am pleased with the shutters.

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A Sail, a Sail!

Lori at White Flower Farmhouse (she of the impeccable taste) is giving away a sailboat… I’ll race you to it!

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Lovely Weekend

Sometimes, you get it right. First thing to brighten the morning was finding one leftover chocolate truffle, just right for breakfast. Then we had to create new cable runs for wiring for the video projector – quite a business in … Continue reading

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How I Spent Today

Getting there…this end of the ceiling at least!

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I got a Valentine! Carolyn made this beauty for meIt is all made with vintage pictures and is the prettiest thing I have ever seen. She made one for Stefan too, a little more earthy! What a nice friend…

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It Gets Worse…

My boundless optimism does get me into deep waters… I just know everything will work out, and am always willing to take that leap of faith. Swapping our workspaces left one equipment rack in my sewing room, and on Friday … Continue reading

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Half Done

I am running waaaaay behind. This week I had been hoping to take some beautiful photos of the cabin for a very flattering invitation from a very up-there blog, but at this point I have stripped half the planking off … Continue reading

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The Maintenance Crew

How glamorous, maintenance! I think my clobber has a little added something – I bought the brush in a yard sale (metal and bristle, very proper), and yesterday at Alameda my eye was caught over and over again by oil … Continue reading

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TV Easel

I took some time out yesterday to make my tv easel, but it was really for the sake of my sanity. My bedroom ceiling is down, the wiring is presenting the usual complications Viennay can only work half days (why … Continue reading

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