The Salad of Life

Posted on January 10, 2012 by Tricia Rose
At three o’clock this morning I wrote out a schedule in an attempt to better structure my day. Need hardly say this schedule didn’t include three a.m., heavy irony don’t you think?

Not that the whole exercise is futile, after all a schedule is meant to be a kindly, helpful thing, putting a time limit on stressful activities, infiltrating pills of the disagreeable between slices of pleasant duties like (for me), folding and wrapping. No anxieties, just straightening, then folding just so, then the neat and cheering business of tissue paper, card and ribbon. If only all life could be so orderly.

this picture is making my mouth water

How to get yoga into the mix, and dog walks: how can anyone schedule interruptions? It is precisely yoga and dog walks that I need to write down, or I get sucked into a mean-minded Puritanism which prides itself on working through, ploughing on. Like too much apple in a fruit salad.
Here’s to mango and papaya and passionfruit in the everyday.

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4 Responses to The Salad of Life

  1. Stefan says:

    Oh dear – I set up the Rough Linen Google+ page tonight. It wasn’t easy. Now anything that Tricia posts in Google+ will go into this blog.


    I screwed up sometime after midnight and lost all the comments on this post and had to import it (minus comments)from the Google+ post page.

    Life on the bleeding edge!

    Commenters – please re-comment.

  2. a-m says:

    Yep here’s to the passionfruit and paw paw in the salad of life. I love this post Tricia. You write sooooo beautifully. Sigh. A-M xx PS. Here’s to 3am wakeups. I’m right with you on that one.#earlyriser

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