Ladies of Fortune

Twelve talented ladies descended this lunchtime for Carolyn’s party – even the cat was helping! She just can’t bear to be left out.

I do hope no-one has cat allergies...

Every person there was an artist or craftsman, and we enjoyed it so much we have agreed to have a potluck in a month’s time, at *Tricia’s studio next. There was so much to talk about, hearing what everyone was doing – some of my scraps are going be made into paper (first idea) or fabric origami – I hope to see a lot of the photos, more of the felt experiments, pottery, furniture that we are working on. The Ladies of Fortune!

We had a wonderful time, but I confess I am not cutting it as a minimalist. In my head I am far less random and less boho than the photos show. If you look carefully you can see the rescued chair in the background, tactfully covered in the elegant gray which will redeem her, fallen woman that she is, and maybe she represents part of the problem. She may be shamed, but she certainly is comfortable.

Here is the recipe for the Italian Fish Soup which went down so well:

In a large stock pan melt onion, celery and chopped anchovies in the oil from the anchovies and olive oil. Add coarsely ground pepper, garlic and three tins of chopped tomatoes, a bundle of fennel stalks and a generous amount of herbes de Provence. Add fish stock, half a bottle of white wine and a quartered lemon and bring to the boil. I skipped a bay leaf as I thought it would take over.

For the fish I had a large pack of assorted premium seafood: shrimp, mussels, squid, scallops etc, and about two pounds of tilapia, cut. I added this to the gently simmering broth and turned off the heat as soon as it was cooked, a matter of a few minutes. Add a generous lump of butter, fish out the fennel stalks, and serve. Italian flat parsley is a suitable garnish, but I forgot to add mine in.

*another Tricia

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  1. tammy says:

    love it. and i especially like the little live centerpiece!

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