Christmas Past and Present

We made this home movie Christmas 1979, and I admit I do get a tear in my eye when I see it – the children were so sweet, and I loved our flat.

It was particularly relevant this week when we got photos from the COO of our old company showing us how the room is now their Special Effects Department  - the effects for Oscar winning “The King’s Speech” were made here:

looking towards the street


bedrooms were on the left

Come to think of it, all that exposed wood looks a little like our cabin – my tastes are inherent.

the wood ceiling of our cabin on the water

This afternoon I will start buying paperwhites and greenery for a fresh, low-key but cheerful Christmas. I might even give my sandpipers a garland like my friend Kat

Kat Warren Photography

Isn’t he handsome?

I wonder if I could dig out pictures of the time we were snowed in a tiny Cornish village all over Christmas and New Year – the year I went into labour on Christmas Day, and was surfing at Bondi two days later – the year with Elly in Aups when we harvested her olives? Hmmnn, I think we need a new scanner.

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7 Responses to Christmas Past and Present

  1. Aww thank you for featuring my sandpiper, he thanks you too! And I would love to see all of those pictures, especially the tiny snowy Cornish village! And surfing 2 days after giving birth…wow!

    I love your old place, and yes you do need a new scanner!

    Kat :)

  2. leslie says:

    paperwhites and greenery sound lovely, and quite un-grinch-like. (cornwall and bondi sound quite lovely, too.)

    love the sandpipers.

  3. Stitchfork says:

    Hope a new scanner finds it’s way to you under the tree (or garland bedecked sandpiper) as I would love to see more photos. The wood and that ceiling – stunning!
    xo Cathy

  4. Surfing 2 days after giving birth! , impressive Tricia!

  5. tammy says:

    i love the way you live. both then and now.
    something very nordic, yet warm in your spaces.
    a little greenery would be the perfect way to
    celebrate the winter solstice!
    tammy j
    yes! more pictures please!!!

  6. Your old flat most definitely has the feel of your cabin now! How interesting the story. Then funny, I was just uploading pictures from Kat to feature…, I love her simple green decorations and the wreath on the bird!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  7. sue says:

    Hello.. I just love your home movie…. gorgeous home! So much space and yet looks very comfortable…
    Really, really love!

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