Chic Provence

How I love Provence – and how I wish I could go with Kit Golson on her Chic Provence Tour.
Even though we had a house there for eleven years – or maybe because we had the house – we would make a beeline there, so after the first few years we stopped poddling around markets and brocantes. How appealing is the thought of doing exactly that with a gaggle of like-minded ladies!

Instead, I am entering into the spirit of the thing and running a Rough Linen giveaway in conjunction with Kit. A tablecloth and napkins in natural Orkney Rough Linen, my keystone fabric, to the value of $250.* Go to her site and follow the rules, you won’t be sorry.

I have spent the morning propagating lavender (I go through a lot of lavender), fuchsia and geraniums:sharp trimming knife, rooting compound and soft, rich loam. I feel the urge to be working but I’m not. This has been a wonderful and busy year for me so I am refreshing my spirits, standing back to rethink how I want to go about things, when and where to travel, and in general the overview of life. Balance.
*anything you want really, to that value, I’m not going to be stubborn about it~

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3 Responses to Chic Provence

  1. Brismod says:

    One of my aunties lives in Aix which was a very handy base when we travelled to France many moons ago. How I’d dearly love to visit that region again!

    Hope you have a happy 2012. xx

  2. Tricia I am so excited about your gorgeous linens for the giveaway.. I love all of your things.. and can we talk about that lavender? I had no idea you were surrounded by the stuff there!

    Happy New Year my friend and I’ll see you soon in 2012!

    xo Kit

  3. Best wishes for 2012 Tricia!

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