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New Year

New Year seems to be a time for harvesting advice doesn’t it? Gleaning and winnowing of course, to suit one’s own dear self, and to be quietly amazed at some offerings, always good for a snicker. So here are some: … Continue reading

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Chic Provence

How I love Provence – and how I wish I could go with Kit Golson on her Chic Provence Tour. Even though we had a house there for eleven years – or maybe because we had the house – we … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas evening watching old Looney Tunes with a little cat snuggled against my leg, my hand held between her two front paws… lovely after all the family merriment~ I wish you all Peace on Boxing Day~ … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

Extreme tides, bright sun, lots of visitors. I watched the sun rise on the solstice from the comfort of my bed and could see it perfectly, no clouds at all, just a warm orange ball bouncing up from the hills … Continue reading

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Palm Saturday

Did it! Brought home the dates, but they are not in the house, oh no, as they leave a pattering trail of nuggetty little fruits if you so much as breathe on them. They are installed in formal symmetry on … Continue reading

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The Run-Up

On my walk yesterday I found mammoth fronds of dates which are going to be my Christmas decorations this year. I need the car to collect them so photos will be late, but I am thrilled with the colours, bright … Continue reading

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Things to Love

The emphasis in that title is on ‘things’. I am belatedly entering the Christmas spirit, which is unstinting. Love these hand-blown glass candles: No wax on the table! A real flame, and enviable simplicity… The perfect white T shirt. follow … Continue reading

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Christmas Past and Present

We made this home movie Christmas 1979, and I admit I do get a tear in my eye when I see it – the children were so sweet, and I loved our flat. It was particularly relevant this week when … Continue reading

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