Ta-Da! Tidy!

The photo above represents triumph, and a lot of hard work over the past week. No longer is the dining room stacked high with rolls of fabric, nor the dining table covered in sewing machines. You can see the sideboard. I have a new and dedicated workroom!

To celebrate I indulged in new scissors, and new thread snips.

I am in love with these – they are reassuringly solid in the hand, balance beautifully, are fierce sharp and even look lovely (I think, but I do know I am besotted). A wonderful present for anyone who sews, seriously. I am quite a ‘thready’ sewer – as a true utilitarian I concentrate on strength and structure, but I enjoy using these so much I have upped my game. Feeling unbearable virtuous.

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4 Responses to Ta-Da! Tidy!

  1. Maxabella says:

    There is nothing more satisfying than a good declutter (oh, okay, probably ONE thing… but I’ll keep this G rated!). I say this because I just spent last weekend getting rid of BAGS of stuff for charity and I feel lighter. Physically and emotionally lighter.

    Enjoy your new space!

  2. Stitchfork says:

    ohhhh – need a pair of those for this gadget-addicted-stitcher! Do you share your source?
    xo Cathy

  3. Tricia Rose says:

    You bet Cathy – they are Gold Seal stitch snips, and I got them from the ever-awesome zipperstop.com

  4. Love those scissors. And I know how great it feels to do a new clean up. Still trying to get that completed throughout the house — then on to the basement.
    Thanks for the note about the Christmas market. Wish I could be there — it sounds so great. Of course, there’s such a concentration of hodec blogs out your way. Thanks, as always, for stopping by. Jane F

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