Not the Way

Oh dear…

For years now I have monogrammed my tea towels – if you look closely you can see my initials at the bottom of the domestic incident above. I have my favorites of course, and the style varies

but they are usually in white or red, in cross-stitch. It is an innocent past-time, and keeps my hands busy if I ever have to sit and wait. They make good gifts too, for a friend or hostess.

I am particularly fond of this little swallow

a pretentious little galleon, in grey

They get used and abused, as tea towels are, but I always remain fond of them despite their battle scars. I don’t think the burnt offering can be redeemed though – a pity. I would like to think of my descendants treating them with reverence in some impossibly futuristic world.

Still, a chance to use my beautiful new scissors~

(I hope Cathy likes this post)

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9 Responses to Not the Way

  1. I think you should frame that little portion with the scar. It’s quite beautiful actually.

  2. kerrie says:

    Oh no. At least save the piece with your stitching…you can put it in a tiny lil frame. Thank you for coming by and leaving me that verse…one of my favorites from the psalms.

  3. Brismod says:

    Ooh..I like battle worn. It will make a most handsome dust cloth now. xx

  4. Stitchfork says:

    not like — Love, Love, Love this post!
    And haven’t we all had one of those memorable domestic moments?! I’m rather liking that look too!
    xo Cathy
    ps…thanks so much for the scissor link! Ordering!

  5. I adore your handiwork! I love everything embroidered!
    Just wish I had the patience and dexterity to do it myself!

  6. The monograms are wonderful. I especially love the bee! :)

  7. Deanne says:

    I just saw a tiny little monogrammed pillow, maybe you could turn it into one of those with some lavender inside?

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