The Getting of Wisdom

One of the great puzzles of life is the tides in it – whole seasons go by swimmingly, then you can have a winter of discontent, or a drought, and suddenly things are on the up again. If I could only decipher the pattern I think, then I’d have a handle on it all.

It can’t just be our own behaviour though of course that is a great deal of it, but what about the unexpected blessings which suddenly rain down, or the marvellous feeling of confidence and well-being which can take everything in its stride?

When I first met my husband I would simply do anything he asked me to, and moved mountains unawares. “Get me Buckingham Palace!” “I want a good architect – call Terry Farrell!” “See if we can film in the Louvre!” so I did. The great breakthrough was to do it for myself- and why not? I’m not a great believer in onwards and upwards, but it is simple truth that if you want to do something, you have to do it. A little low cunning about planning and timing, and impeccable homework, and the good sense to wait if the your instincts tell you to, and you are halfway there.

I hadn’t the faintest intention of following this theme when I sat down – I was going to do a merry blog about my week in L.A.! – but now I have my teeth in it, another trick is to do what I CAN do right away, and do what I can’t do later. The initial doing seems to provide a ramp up to the harder stuff so it is suddenly within reach.

All this aside though, there are days when the parking space appears, the person you want to talk to materialises beside you, a chance conversation on a plane yields illuminating information and a new friend. All on the same day. I don’t understand at all, but I’m glad to be part of it.

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4 Responses to The Getting of Wisdom

  1. So true, and when those unexpected things happen, both the good and the bad, they always leave you a little wiser. I’m glad you sunk your teeth into this post and strayed a little!

    Kat :)

  2. tammy says:

    i haven’t thought about it all as eloquently as you have put it here, but i know what you mean.
    it has been more visceral with me. i am only now beginning to see my own pattern and i’m 66! rather than fight the (in my latest case… summer of my discontent) i finally got the cue that “this too shall pass.”
    i have always been a people pleaser. and like you…
    most especially my husband when he was alive. probably why we had such a wonderful marriage! no waves from me.
    now, might be different. i would make more room for me.
    so now… am doing just that. making room. and it’s so lovely!
    and by the way, thank you for the adorable kitty face above. that’s the most unusual little cat i’ve ever seen.
    here’s to planking walls and hugging special kitties and
    going off track when we want to!!!
    tammy j

  3. Hi Tricia: My daughter got her first internship in design from a flight conversation. My Wake Forest University intern came from a flight delay conversation. Many of my great new friends have come from the blog world. Being open to the blessings of the world around us has opened many doors. A random genealogy call made by my sister has brought my girls and I wonderful new friends, we all adore. I think we are meant to go out and find our lives, and to really be aware of what the universe is nudging us towards.

  4. My grandmother, who passed away at age 87 in 1980, once told me that she felt very fortunate because she had lived her life as if she was a man — and she considered that extraordinary given what was going on in her lifetime. She had been widowed with two small children in the 1930s and had to go out to work, something considered a grave misfortune for a woman in those days. But I think that experience liberated her to a great extent. She always did what she wanted and would joke about it when someone in the family criticized her. But she was a great role model because she dared. So yes, dare! For sure!!! Great post Tricia.


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