It is so easy to forget to expect surprises, and changes, and differences. Today was filled with them!

We drove to Tomales to film:
“50 “Fit Kids” from Martin Luther King Technology Academy in Sacramento spent today at a family ranch that grows grassfed beef and sheep in an idyllic setting. Mrs. Ruth Gilley’s eighth grade class took a field trip to Stemple Creek Ranch in Tomales California. is created and sponsored by the California Parks Company.” Great fun, and great kids!

Then when we got home, joy of joys, I found the time and the energy to start planking the second wall of the living room. In truth I didn’t get very far, but I completed the first row, the difficult one with all the cuts around doorways and the big driftwood mirror. It had begun to weigh on me, that somehow I never found time or inclination – or time AND inclination together! Work comes first of course, but I need variety of this sort. It used to come from my garden, and I felt so nostalgic tonight for my beautiful London garden, so green, and so structured. I have done my best with the steep stone of my current plot, but would it kill it to offer me a little more cooperation?

I was taken out of these grim thoughts by a good film released today, Margin Call, based loosely on the collapse of Lehmann Brothers, and then held a vigil for the Orionid meteor shower, rewarded with half a dozen fast, faint, falling stars… and so to bed.

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2 Responses to Etonne-Moi!

  1. Stitchfork says:

    What a varied combo of surprises and accomplishments all rolled into one day topped off with a meteor shower. A day well spent!
    xo Cathy

  2. tammy says:

    i had a lovely day along with you…
    only didn’t come home and plank a wall! nor did i spend it in such a wonderfully fulfilling way as with the youngsters. but still…
    feeling good about everything.
    and… ummm… thinking a picture soon of pansy kitty would just top it off! that’s such a sweet little face.
    tammy j

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