A Long-Awaited Day

Instead of going immediately to my computer this morning, I took time to appreciate the dawn, lighting candles to maintain mindfullness. My shipment of white linen arrives about noon, and I am longing to get to work on it, so it will be all the more important to keep a sense of balance, and what is more grounding than beauty?

Sunrise here in Califoria is nothing like as spectacular as in Sydney: I remember getting up early to see it and finding my mother already looking out over the ocean, it’s in the blood! Our view there was the open Pacific in all its majesty, whereas this inlet is contained, charming, familial. I could watch the interplay of sea and sky for ever.

I moved my Kindle and iPod out of this shot, and framed the first picture to exclude the mise en scene of chop saw and circular saw, both waiting hopefully to leap into inspired action to get the second wall of the living room clad. Well, it won’t be soon now. The point is, how much do you ‘edit’ from a picture before it is lessened? Is this more honest?

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3 Responses to A Long-Awaited Day

  1. tammy says:

    hahaha. there is always beauty in function. and i’m sure that saw functions really well!
    there is nothing like the solitary quiet of dawn. and you captured it beautifully.
    tammy j

  2. I am envious of your view – edited or otherwise.

  3. Tricia I love your view… in person when I visited, and now this one of the dawn! What a treasure of a home you have!

    I’m overdue for another visit… was “down south” for a good while, but back now..



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