It is ironic that I who hate labels nonetheless sew them into my own linens, and feel a little thrill of pride while I do it. Partly it’s because it is The Law, but I enjoy flouting the law in other areas (who just walked the length of the Golden Gate Bridge on the “BIKES ONLY” side, braving four stops by construction workers and one by a sympathetic policeman?*)

I sew them in the most unobtrusive places I can find – inside a seam, at the bottom corner of sheets – because my feeling is that once my customers have the stuff home, and on their beds or windows, it is theirs, not mine. On napkins and tablecloths I go further and use sticky labels which can be removed altogether.

I cut labels from all sorts of things, especially coats and jackets where they show -does anyone else share this preference?

* The east side which is shared by walkers and cyclists was closed that day, so what did they expect? I was prepared to argue but barely had to – none of them was going to arm-wrestle two respectable dames to the ground. We just smiled and said the other side was closed, what were we to do?

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5 Responses to Labels

  1. tammy says:

    i always cut out labels! i thought i was the only one.
    i hate the nylon thread. it’s scratchy. but i like the clean look of nothing, so that’s not the only reason.
    but i consider your linens a work of art… kind of like the artist’s signature! and it looks as if you sew them in very unobtrusively.
    tammy j

  2. Brismod says:

    You are such a rebel Tricia. I kind of like labels. Especially on old clothing when labels were relatively descriptive – I get a thrill finding an old dress which has a Brisbane or Sydney label on it. Not so thrilled when I see it is made from some mystery fabric like tetron or nylonex. xx

  3. Stitchfork says:

    Label cutter here! And you did what any respectable dame would do!
    xo Cathy

  4. Hi Tricia,

    Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. The hurricane left a debris trail here that I had to tidy up.

    As you know I’m a linen lover and I’ve often wondered what designers were thinking in re tags. We need them, of course, for washing directions (another whole story) but sometimes they’re placed in the oddest areas. So glad you’re thinking on this as it’s a huge improvement when they’re right. Also wish someone would sew in a very discreet guide to directionality on the inside of fitted sheets. What a pain! So often difficult to see which way they fit. Good to see you. Jane

  5. Allison says:

    My children used to roll their eyes at me – removing labels and stickers as soon as they came into my home. Now 2 of 3 do it themselves. ;D

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