Today has been Tidy-Up Time (thank you Maria Montessori – have you read her biography? It’s a humdinger), so of course I have found all sorts of things, including a list I made ages ago of Things That Make Me Feel Awesome. I must have been going through an excitable stage.

Reading it through though in my maturity, I still like these things, so here they are. I hope they make you feel awesome too.

Taking a risk and getting away with it~
Having exactly the right tool for the job.
Having emergency supplies for other people (needle and thread, tissues, water) when they are needed.
Waking in the middle of a dream and being able to guide it.
Stretching and yawning uninhibitedly at any time.
Throwing into a waste paper basket, not just towards it.
Remembering incredibly deep-buried info without conscious effort.
Getting the perfect eyeliner line first go (you only get one go).
Signing your name like an adult.
Finding the long-lost piece of something crucial, and still having the rest of it.
Coaxing an animal to trust you.

Newly added: doing something silly.

Fantasia hippos anyone?

While experimenting with bolsters I accidentally made some too long, and the bits I cut off were so appealing I hooked them over the trophy aloe horns I conquered last week. Why not?

There are more, but enough is enough – I hope this list inspires you, for making the list feels good too!

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8 Responses to Feel-Goods

  1. Such a fabulous list, and I love your remnant flowers, tres chic!

    Kat :)

  2. tammy says:

    wow. just depth to your list then.
    mine at a younger age was …
    i love walking in the rain.. i love listening to the thunder and awaiting the storm…reading by lamplight on a dark afternoon…
    very deep indeed!
    still do love those things by the way.
    tammy j

  3. tammy says:

    just should be ‘such’.
    pooh tammy. get it together. it’s just typing.

  4. Your list is great (so the photo)…, haven’t done the dream thing in a while. I’m definitely the uninhibited stretching and yawning type!

  5. jen says:

    MMontessori was amazing and inspirational. Love the list–it’s pretty ernest, so adding silly is most appropriate. I still haven’t learned to sign my name like an adult.

  6. Stitchfork says:

    I’m liking everything on your list! And still trying to tame my signature down to have a few less loopy-loops especially when writing fast.
    xo Cathy

  7. The aloe looks like a tutu fantasy. Love it and the list. Not quite the level of a bucket but very useful all the same. I can totally relate.


  8. Great list. Thanks for the smile.

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