Scrabbling on the deck awoke me about four o’clock, and to my horror I saw our new little cat perched on the rail over the water, then climbing down the other side. I rushed out to see her seated on a two-inch-wide beam, extended my hand but she hissed at me so I backed off, not wanting to frighten her. The scrabbling continued, and suddenly I heard her hiss from the other end of the deck … at the same time I noticed that all the screens were locked, so how could she get out?

Yes my dears, it was a pair of young raccoons, and Pansy was asleep on a chair inside. Yes, I do wear glasses (but not at four a.m.!) An understandable mistake.

We were shooting in the aptly named Palace Hotel on Friday, and have a lively social calendar into next month, but my main fun right now is re-reading A Time of Gifts with an atlas and iPad close at hand to look up all the references, quotes and place-names. It is reading at a snail’s pace, but far more fun – who knew bells spoke, and in Latin?

My other fun has been a spot of demolition, and I have started the planking and staining of the living room walls. Sewing has to be so particular, you need mess to counterweigh it! The circular saw is kept well away from the puss, don’t worry. I am thrilled with my home-made iron sulphate stain: photos soon.

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3 Responses to Bi-location

  1. tammy says:

    oh oh oh! and laughter … and a darling picture of a sweet hissing raccoon! and pansy safe (we’re calling jack pansy?) and can’t wait to see pictures of your house project in detail!
    your comment on glasses at 4am makes me think of that commercial for glasses … where she invites the raccoon to “come in and sleep with mama” thinking its her cat. lol
    tammy j

  2. Stitchfork says:

    Laughing over the raccoon caper! Can’t wait to see photos of your iron sulphate stained planks!
    xo Cathy

  3. I’m with Tammy…, instantly thought of that funny commercial!!

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