A Wider Canvas

I have been making time for creation and destruction in my domestic life while waiting for a shipment of fabric to arrive. Creation has been the cladding of my living room wall with planks stained with iron sulphate. I am thrilled with the result, and the opposite wall is next.
(This picture is of the work in progress, I need to do more primping before I bare my oeuvre to a discerning public~)
The north wall is completely taken up with bookcases and window, and the south side is open to the clapboard porch which was glazed in before my time. Since the west wall encompasses two doors, the fireplace and a wide opening to the kitchen, there wasn’t much wall! The east wall has two doors, a vast driftwood mirror and the wide opening to the hall so that shouldn’t take long either. As well, all these openings plus pictures mean the room isn’t overwhelmed with darkness – not that I was concerned, but Some were…

I love it – the satiny gleam on the grain of the wood and its texture make the room feel bigger to me. I do want to paint the ceiling white which will be a pig of a job, but then the whole effect will be crisper, more graphic. Can’t wait.

Destruction, the other tine of my fork, has been cutting down the spent century plants which have made such drama in my garden, as well as their pups, because I don’t like them. They are too wide and vicious in my tiny space, theatrical though they be. I attacked them with my beloved reciprocating saw, trying to think like a logger so they wouldn’t crash through a window or take down my fence. I did discover that the sap is an irritant so I have magnificent weals down my arms, but I won in the end. I took the tightly furled horns of the pups as trophies, and great branches of fruits like tiny green bananas. My inner Mighty Hunter, released.

(or maybe they look more like courgettes)

Just as well, as my fabric arrived yesterday and I have been cutting for hours. Sewing starts today, so I am glad I am refreshed.

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7 Responses to A Wider Canvas

  1. Stitchfork says:

    Hammer guns, reciprocating saws and fine linen – Tricia, The Magnificent! Not sure what century plants look like, but sounds like you won that battle.
    xo Cathy

  2. Brismod says:

    You are certainly one-of-a-kind Tricia. I still have the mental image of you dangling over your roof top on the waterfront with paint brushes tied with twine as you paint under the eaves.
    Loving your new walls and your style. xx

  3. leslie says:

    beautiful! can’t wait to see the end result.

  4. kerrie says:

    Oh its beautiful! More pictures pleeease. :)

  5. tammy says:

    ditto kerrie!
    i love the rusticity of the planks and when the snowy white ceiling (even tho.. i don’t envy you the job) is done it will be exquisite. oooh.. and books against that!
    more pics soon please! and another of little pansy jack.

  6. Allison says:

    Looks lovely. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  7. I saw you were doing this and should have been kind enough to leave a comment. I love the look of planking and I’m eager to see how this turns out. I think it’s really tough to photograph a dark room though.

    Thanks for visiting me so regularly!


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