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Today has been Tidy-Up Time (thank you Maria Montessori – have you read her biography? It’s a humdinger), so of course I have found all sorts of things, including a list I made ages ago of Things That Make Me … Continue reading

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I have finally taken a good picture of the new cat: difficult, because if you can’t see her eyes her face is all black. So there were quite a few like this: and like this, while she helps me fold … Continue reading

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It is ironic that I who hate labels nonetheless sew them into my own linens, and feel a little thrill of pride while I do it. Partly it’s because it is The Law, but I enjoy flouting the law in … Continue reading

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Animal Attraction

Such a hot night last night I decided to sleep outside again – for surely that will all be over soon. However I had such a vivid picture in my mind of little furry bandit faces (“Hel-LO little furry rabid … Continue reading

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A Wider Canvas

I have been making time for creation and destruction in my domestic life while waiting for a shipment of fabric to arrive. Creation has been the cladding of my living room wall with planks stained with iron sulphate. I am … Continue reading

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Apologies to Will

Some glory in their birth, some in their skill, Some in their wealth, some in their bodies’ force, Some in their garments, though new-fangled ill, Some in their ten-speed Puch, some in their Porsche; Maybe it’s just that my feelings … Continue reading

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Scrabbling on the deck awoke me about four o’clock, and to my horror I saw our new little cat perched on the rail over the water, then climbing down the other side. I rushed out to see her seated on … Continue reading

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