New York, New York

A good show, some very exciting proposals in the offing even though we were between the bedbug protection man and two girls with handmade aprons, hopelessly misplaced in the bedding section.  I can see that strategy plays quite a role in this game: for example Aman two booths down said that in my shoes, he would pull the bed forward and put the table further back.  I did it and immediately I had far more people coming in, before I did that they couldn’t see the display without turning their heads.

not being respectful...

It was particularly heartwarming that I sold to fellow exhibitors – one man has a jewelry shop, another lady sells children’s clothes – who fell in love with the collection and bought for themselves.

I can see immediately the people who ‘get’ it, and the ones who are just being polite  (like the lady whose product I so admire, who said she could see how my linens would appeal to a niche market… is that an ouch?)

We are now at JFK surrounded by babies (there is a serious baby boom in New York), after walking the High Line this morning, surviving an amazing thunderstorm with Maryna last night after walking seventy-five blocks, across Central Park and all the way down Madison Avenue.  I love New York.

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10 Responses to New York, New York

  1. So glad you had a successful show, even if they did misplace you amongst the exhibitors! And isn’t every market a niche market?! I am firmly in your niche!!!

    Safe travels back home!

    Kat :)

  2. liz says:

    Tricia . . . your booth is absolutely LOVELY!!! Hope your market was a big success . . . and that you both had a wonderful time in New York!! Would love to talk to you about it sometime in the future :)

    Also – Loved the bed and breakfast you stayed at in the post below – looks perfectly relaxing!! :) xo – liz

  3. tammy says:

    you are as beautiful as your creations! kind of like what grace kelly would look like if she’d been given a choice to step off the throne. (and i have a sneaky feeling she would have given the same high sign to the camera too!!!)
    i love new york also… but have not been in ages! so i must visit vicariously thru the love of it by artists like you.
    welcome home!
    tammy j

  4. The booth (and you) look great!
    I so hope you will do the show again.
    I would love to meet you.

  5. sherry hart says:

    I love New York also, but coming from California…it must be sensory overload being there :)
    Have you ever done the Atlanta market?

  6. Chelsea says:

    Hi Tricia! Not sure how we missed each other!
    What section were you exhibiting in? We were in the lobby- so that might have been why….a bunch of people missed us!
    hope it went well for you!

  7. kerrie says:

    Oh I am sorry I have missed so much. but how happy I am to see your booth(and you!…you crack me up. love the disrespect!) Your booth would attract my attention, so lovely. I wouldn’t do well with the unkindnesses of ‘competitors’. I am glad you had a wonderful adventure and of course you got lots of proposals and offers. YOU should!!! And I am so happy you found yourself a sweet fur ball to love again. She looks like a character. I will look forward to seeing what you are up to in reno at your cabin on the water. ((hugs)) to you. BTW I love your all white outfit! You are beautiful. ox

  8. “Niche”?! Who would not want strong, but soft linen covers, towels, pajamas, etc.?! Only people who like quality and wonderful texture. She is crazy!

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