What a clever idea it was to spend two days on Long Island before heading into the fleshpits of New York City. I sat on the porch attached to our room in dappled sunlight, just listening to the wind sloughing in the trees and throwing a rather spitty ball for a goofy yellow lab with a joyful disposition. Stefan threw the same spitty ball from the hammock, but it wasn’t such a great idea: on an extra vigorous throw he slowly rotated until he was slumped face down in the grass – soon with a happy dog + spitty ball added in. Ah, country pleasures! Joyce and Bob spoiled us thoroughly.

I quickly found everything I needed from Lori’s wonderful store White Flower Farmhouse,
and we headed into the Big Smoke ready to do battle. Watch this space.

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8 Responses to Cutchogue

  1. Sounds like a productive trip so far, spitty ball/hammock dump and all!

    Kat :)

  2. jen says:

    What lovely places to relax and gather energy for the city!

  3. Stitchfork says:

    Looks like a perfect spot to armor-up before heading into the fray of the big city. We have a very similar yellow hound here who is addicted to those tennis balls. We call it ‘slobber-ball’ and have a special plastic chukker to toss it without touching it!
    xo Cathy

  4. Lauren Lyons says:

    Hello Tricia, I’ve been beyond thrilled with last year’s bed upgrade (king orkney everything) that I’ve been following your blog– so I saw the post you wrote about Lori’s little store on Long Island & I’ve already been there 3 times– I’m furnishing our rental house in Quogue (also on Long Island). Just wanted to thank you so much for Rough Linen Bedding and for turning me on to White Flower Farmhouse. If you’re still in Cutchogue, you should visit the little town of Orient- they have a great little linen store there as well. Here’s their website:

    Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Ah, you got to visit Lori’s Farmhouse store! Would love to check it out in person. The B+B sounds really nice too.

  6. So nice on the North Fork. Happy you got the chance to visit.

  7. aussie new yorker says:

    hi – if you want any insider tips on things to do/ must see places while you’re in “my” town, let me know!

  8. tammy says:

    your blog is so refreshing and relaxing… i even feel like i could stretch out in that hammock awhile!
    beautiful pictures. enjoy your trip!

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