And the Other Side of the World…

A whirlwind in Los Angeles, culminating in an afternoon spent at the Getty Center just so I can honestly say I not getting totally caught up in selling my wares. Home to eighty emails but no little cat – this is when I miss her so much, remembering the times she walked up to us and the suitcases then pointedly turned her back and sat down! Or in later days when she was just glad to see us, and didn’t have time for games.

Wonderful meetings, new friends, exciting prospects, but oh how glad I am to be back to my own bed, my own linen sheets and a cool wind blowing in from an open window, smelling of the sea.

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3 Responses to And the Other Side of the World…

  1. pamela robinson says:

    we so enjoyed seeing you… just sorry i was so scattered trying to pull my head together in a whirlwind to get thru the show… look forward to our next mtg…. hhhmmm wonder where that might be? we still laugh about bed bug man… x pam

  2. jane coslick says:

    AMEN!!!!!Home in my own bed………I missed my kitties sooo much and they missed me. We are about simple and peaceful and fresh air!!!

  3. jane coslick says:

    and time for another kitty to show up in your life. I can deliver one after I move on the 7th of september.

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