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Pansy Plum

We couldn’t hold out any more. I had been scouring the pet rescue sites, coming back again and again to little puss faces and stories that called to me, when I saw this outrageous face, like a pissed off Jack … Continue reading

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And the Other Side of the World…

A whirlwind in Los Angeles, culminating in an afternoon spent at the Getty Center just so I can honestly say I not getting totally caught up in selling my wares. Home to eighty emails but no little cat – this … Continue reading

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New York, New York

A good show, some very exciting proposals in the offing even though we were between the bedbug protection man and two girls with handmade aprons, hopelessly misplaced in the bedding section.  I can see that strategy plays quite a role … Continue reading

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What a clever idea it was to spend two days on Long Island before heading into the fleshpits of New York City. I sat on the porch attached to our room in dappled sunlight, just listening to the wind sloughing … Continue reading

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The Packing Dumpling

Years ago I went with my friend Barbara to a packing demonstration, and I was mightily impressed, but retained only the scantiest impression. Enter the hero: youtube! 2am saw me glued to instructional video after video, and honestly some of … Continue reading

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I am Calm

I keep saying it: I am calm, I am calm. Breathe in, breathe out. Yesterday I went through all our clothes, washed, spot-cleaned and mended where necessary, then starched (!) and ironed. 2am found me looking at ‘How to Pack’ … Continue reading

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Oh No! Not Yet!

August, yet it doesn’t feel like August or look like August. Cool and overcast, and I feel like holing up in my little house to be very, very quiet with old books, fresh bread and home made soup. I bough … Continue reading

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