I have so enjoyed reading the comments to my last post, I can get a real insight into my blogging friends’ quirks! I enjoyed making my own list, it was a relaxation while my daytime mind is whirring like an old fan.

from White Flower Farmhouse in Peconic, NY

It is plain I have not been pouring my heart out to blogworld recently. I am gearing up for New York – just cut the last of my samples bar the bedskirt: wonderful Lori is lending me a bed and accessories and bedskirts have to have the exactly correct drop. White Flower Farmhouse is on Long Island, so I will visit next week for the first time and I can’t wait, since I have loved Lori’s creativity and discerning eye ever since I found her blog.

This is also the time of year when I delight in having visitors to stay – my favorite Florida socialite and her husband, then my ‘best friend’ since school – wouldn’t it be wonderful if my sister would hop over! Plenty of other friends who are just dropping in, Tricia George to discuss a secret project, Herb and Barbara over from Bath in Somerset, and maybe I can persuade Leo on his way from the mines of Western Australia to Gothenburg.

I am planning a little frivolity too, going into San Francisco, and I might drop into Barneys to smell Frederic Malle’s Coffee Society candle, tracking down the definitive Harris Tweed jacket (!), MoMa… Life is beautiful.

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5 Responses to Connectedness

  1. So nice to hear your plans to come to NY. I think you really will fall for LI — the east end is unique and so beautiful (at least after the traffic jams clear). Hope you have great success with the collection — it’s the place to show! Those ladies love linens there. Will hope to see pix! Jane F

  2. Kat says:

    I wish I could pop up to New York and meet you in person! Enjoy your company and your trip(s)!

    Kat :)

  3. Tracey says:

    Oh I do hope to get back to New York soon. What a lovely blog you have, I will come back.

  4. Stefan says:

    from Jane: I think you really will fall for LI — the east end is unique and so beautiful (at least after the traffic jams clear)
    Tricia doesn’t like writing about past endeavors – we actually bought land and a beach in Long Island near Greenport, around ’81. Oh no you can’t buy a beach. Yes we did, it was four acres of land and two were underwater – hence our very own LI beach. In winter it was covered in ice.

  5. Emelie says:

    “Coffee Society Candle”! Love that. I once got a sample bottle of Malle’s “Lipstick Rose” at a little perfume shop on Elizabeth Street (London), – probably the most feminine scent ever…

    Ah NY, always exciting! Have a lovely trip. x

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