Pinching Myself

photo from Marin Magazine, by Tim Porter

This is where I live, and this is what it looks like. The cairns at the end of the point are built by the walkers, including me, and that makes me just bust with pride and pleasure! I had no idea how clearly they could be seen from the clubhouse – I hadn’t even noticed the clubhouse until we went there for a barbeque with Cissy and George.

What a great neighbourhood.

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6 Responses to Pinching Myself

  1. A-M says:

    Heaven on earth I say. A-M xx

  2. Stitchfork says:

    Such a gorgeous view!
    xo Cathy

  3. kerrie says:

    I know the area you live in and it is dreamy beautiful. If we could afford to we would live in the petaluma farmlands near the sea.

  4. Truly lively Tricia! You are a lucky girl!

  5. jane coslick says:

    I can’t believe how beautiful that is. The soft pink sky on the water..I want to visit you and go right there!!! Come to Tybee Island and DO visit me.

  6. kerrie says:

    Oh Tricia…Congratulations on your showing in NY in August!!!!! What an amazing honor…you so deserve to be there. The fact that you are a nervous wreck makes me love your talent all the more. I am so rooting for you. My oldest daughter, Holly, might be in NYC in August…if she goes she will be staying with her artist friend from Mexico. If you get the time can you send me the details of the show you will be at and maybe she can attend.

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