People who live in Wood Houses…

…maybe shouldn’t live over the water.

This is the time I had fondly imagined stripping out my despised popcorn bedroom ceiling, but to be prudent I looked into the state of the pilings which hold up the entire house. It’s not too bad, but the picture is of a horizontal beam between the lower floor and the upper. The entire upright, 8″x8″ and 12′ long, was rotten.

No strictly cosmetic work this season.

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6 Responses to People who live in Wood Houses…

  1. Stitchfork says:

    I’ll admire your new support beams, and you can oooh and ahhh over my new sewer lines!
    xo Cathy
    ps…loved your comment on my blog post and she is now officially called Lil!

  2. Kat says:

    Oh my! Living on the water is so nice in some ways, but the maintenance is killer! Hope you get to that popcorn ceiling before too long!


  3. jane coslick says:

    Hey There, Thanks for the post. I actually feel like Palm Cottage loves me back…and that bring me to “doing the necessary” . It isn’t the beautiful things that make a home ..It begins with a roof (boring but VERY necessary) …like buying new tires UCK.. but the car would not run with out them. Pilings are keeping you dry….!!!! FABULOUS comes with a price . The popcorn ceiling can wait..look out,not up… your spot is heaven!!!

  4. Maintenance is so crucial…, all done by my husband! Happy dance for me!!

  5. Good gracious! Hope it is not too much to fix!

  6. Ouch, so sorry… and the necessary but still heavy price for your wonderful location.
    Like you, I’m mulling over some cosmetic changes, but since our back deck is getting springier by the day, may have to bite the bullet there soon.

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