How I Know It’s Summer

I swap my Coyuchi towels for the white waffle towels my sister got for me in Rome.
Strange avian alliances…
I sleep outside when I feel like it.

one of our rare blue heron pair

I have glorious white lilies in the pot beside my door (odd, because I planted orange Turk’s Caps).
The swallows are back.
I can’t keep up with the weeds.
We eat three meals a day on the deck.He’s a little blurred, but isn’t he sweet? He has taken over from the grumpy old raccoon, and is far more sociable.
And what’s this? ! our crow has super powers?

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Not distracted by shiny objects.
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3 Responses to How I Know It’s Summer

  1. You sleep outside?! how sublime!! I thought of you today with my post. Wish I had these in my backyard! Happy 4th to you, Tricia! M.

  2. Stitchfork says:

    Oh my…still laughing at your crow with super powers! Enjoy the holiday weekend Tricia!
    xo Cathy

  3. Lovely post! I should aim to sleep outside at least once this summer… I can’t remember the last time I did so.
    Your raccoon friend looks utterly adorable and the crow is priceless :)

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