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How I Know It’s Summer

I swap my Coyuchi towels for the white waffle towels my sister got for me in Rome. Strange avian alliances… I sleep outside when I feel like it. I have glorious white lilies in the pot beside my door (odd, … Continue reading

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Ring of Bright Water

Just amazing to see this from our dock, how lovely they are! Not that the duck thinks so, she used to have seven ducklings…

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Cat’s Cradle

This morning we filmed Tricia George and Agnes painting the sign for Cat’s Cradle: Jan the owner is a friend of Tricia’s, and Cat’s Cradle is where Suscipe has her spa days. Jan gave me a sneak peek at the … Continue reading

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People who live in Wood Houses…

…maybe shouldn’t live over the water. This is the time I had fondly imagined stripping out my despised popcorn bedroom ceiling, but to be prudent I looked into the state of the pilings which hold up the entire house. It’s … Continue reading

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What I have been doing

One of my favorite activities, neatly folding, labelling and sorting what has to go out, tying them with ribbon, then wrapping and boxing. I know hand-writing the labels is probably not practical but I so enjoy it, using my fountain … Continue reading

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Bolt Holes

When I was a child I was forever building cubbies, tree-houses and dens. One was under a very spikey bougainvillea in our front garden, not a great success – another was laboriously created from old timber and tar-paper on the … Continue reading

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Pinching Myself

This is where I live, and this is what it looks like. The cairns at the end of the point are built by the walkers, including me, and that makes me just bust with pride and pleasure! I had no … Continue reading

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