Stripping Back

Things accumulate, it’s true, so I have been focussing a beady eye on my belongings. If I have misgivings, it’s out.

First victim – a driftwood pike on my kitchen wall.

doesn't look too bad now...

I made it from a likely piece of wood and copper left over from the little porch roof downstairs. It’s too cute, and in my vocabulary cute is a baaaaad word. His fin was falling off anyway.

Second victim is a weathered fat wooden fish on another kitchen wall, what was it with the fish?

bad fish on the left

Not so much cute as ugly, another bad word. I took it down, but left the trout backbone some wag had balanced on top after a riotous meal.

shame I cut off the head

I like the way the yellow of the aging bone picks up the warm tones of the brass, and the eggshells for my compost.

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Not distracted by shiny objects.
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8 Responses to Stripping Back

  1. kerrie says:

    I’ve been ridding of things accumulated too. I think it’s a constant habit. It’s funny though, when I clear out clutter the rest of my family thinks I made space for them to add more. I always like the look of your cabin on the water. Your dresser top appeals to my artistic side.

  2. Stitchfork says:

    Better, yes. I’ve been ‘pottering’ around way to much and need to do some serious stripping back. Sounds like you need another riotous meal of trout so the guilty wag can hang a full trout skeleton!
    xo Cathy

  3. leslie says:

    oh yes, the constant culling of belongings, so satisfying (especially on a small boat).

  4. I try to be lean and mean but somehow it just doesnt happen!

  5. Therese Long says:

    Hi my friend!
    Your kitchen looks so cozy, I want to come over for some trout!
    I’m such a bad blogger, please forgive my lack of visits…
    Let’s please get together soon.
    I’d love to meet your hubby and have you both for dinner at our place this summer!!

    Lots of love always,


  6. Your kitchen is so charming you could hang orange peels on the walls and they’d look great.

    I’m going through a total clean out phase. It was huge when we renovated, which I now realize was phase one, and it’s going to get bigger when we move in a few months, phase two.

    Thanks for stopping by Tricia. And it’s always great to visit you. Jane

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