Benign Neglect

In the productive furore of the past week my housework has fallen by the wayside, so I had a little scrub-up this morning, wondering all the while about my aversion to the use of soap. My father told me people use far too much detergent and it seems to have stuck to anything that produces a lather – I have had the same bottle of Palmolive dish soap for six years. It is a big bottle, and I have a dishwasher, but still.

When I vacuumed last night I filled my Dyson in five minutes.

Carolyn gave me useful household tip – use wood ash to clean silver. I tried it there and then (I had been clearing the wood stove), and it works! A weird little jar of ashes now under the sink, like the remains of a neglected relative.
Unthrilled and unskilled in the arts of cleanliness, disorder bothers me and I am good at creating order from chaos. Ideally I would be paired with a Mrs Clean to have the benefits of both – I want a sort of doppelganger who loves soap.

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2 Responses to Benign Neglect

  1. Stitchfork says:

    It would be wonderful to have a doppelganger to clean and keep the chaos at bay!

  2. Oh my. Cleaning. Yes, it’s going on here with soap and the blessed microfiber cloths following an aerosol can (hair gel) explosion in the medicine cabinet that shattered a glass shelf and blew glass all over the hall bath. Fortunately it didn’t bring down the cabinet. But it looked like a scene from CSI. So cleaning is moi. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what your linen bolt becomes. Must admit to fingering a canvas painter’s tarp at Lowe’s the other day. Jane F

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