A Face to Love

My blog is sulking because I have been neglecting it, so now that I want to upload heart-melting photos of darling Cairo, my sister’s new puppy, it won’t let me. I need to call in the geeks.

Meet Cairo, newest member of the family

Geeks 1: Blog nil

Diverse excitement this week: my cousin found the long lost photo of my grandparent’s wedding, in which Old Harry looks the image of my brother Tim and son Felix – bar the moustache (actually Tim has the moustache, it came down the male line). ((call in the geeks again: apparently the photo exceeds the size hissy-fit blog can cope with.))
Geeks 1: Blog 1

Referee’s adjustment: Geeks 2: Blog nil – ha! Grandma got lost in the cut though.

I have done nothing but work this week, fortified by a lash-up computer screen in front of me so I can watch BBC World News, Al-Jazeera and ahem, old episodes of Brothers & Sisters – plus Rachel Maddow of course. Usually I like to think and sing while I sew, but lately I have been boring myself. I haven’t read, I have barely cooked, I haven’t deviated from my uniform of black trousers, black v-necked sweater, get the picture?

When I was young I looked good but didn’t feel I accomplished much. Now I am older with the relative cloak of invisibility that confers, but I feel I can move mountains, and do. Is it a straight swap?

Tomorrow is the vernal equinox, the tides are perfectly balanced and very big, it is a full moon at perigee so what will all that bring us? A marvellous dramatic thunderstorm this evening, so compelling I sat outside under the eaves to enjoy it, as good as a night at the opera. Front row seat.

Goodnight, world.

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3 Responses to A Face to Love

  1. Stitchfork says:

    Thank goodness for geeks, puppies beyond cute, family ties and enjoying a good thunderstorm on the porch!
    xo Cathy…liking the relative cloak of invisibility stage

  2. Anne Marie says:

    I thought for sure that the ‘super moon’ would have set me into labor –
    too bad! that would have been neat to record for him/her!

  3. Wonderful puppy!
    And I love a good thunderstorm, too… I think the most memorable I’ve watched was in Switzerland, when it could literally be seen coming up the valley towards us.

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