Fibres, Colour and the Eye

‘There is a quiet movement back to natural beauty that includes re-embracing our family heritage of farm life and the gifts of creativity associated with that spirit. ‘ KimberleyI learn the most wonderful things from clients, like this website for Kei Kawasaki in Kyoto.All these images are from her site – old Japanese fabrics and garments, a tradition of frugality and appreciation. My eyes feel newly opened.
Thank you Jamie~

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  1. Allison says:

    What great texture these items have. I’ll have to check out the website.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Stitchfork says:

    heritage of farm life and gifts – struck a note. We all grew up working on a neighboring farm. A traditional gift from them to friends is a handcarved cradle for newborns. My brother just received one as a brand new grandfather for his new grandson.
    xo Cathy

  3. kerrie says:

    Tricia Rose,
    Thank you for your helpful advice…I really like the Norvald better…it is the artist side in me…and I had not thought of painting on them…amazing idea. I am really just beginning in my artistic journey again after 22 yrs. devoted to mothering, homekeeping, and home teaching. I don’t know where it will lead…I can see the seashore collection I’ve been painting on dishes, fabrics, pillows, etc.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Hi Tricia…

    It’s hard to launder old linens such as those…and there is actually something about keeping them ‘just the way they are’ that I love…

    but yes, I have looked into natural dying of fabrics for awhile – and am really interested in planting some unique flowers and plants that will be good for this sort of thing –

    Anne Marie

  5. The Japanese aesthetic really is incomparable, isn’t it. Just lovely in the most understated way. So glad to see these. Jane

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