Digging In

On a bleak, stormy noisy day my house seems bewildered and lost, as if it had never planned for winter. A grasshopper house! The hail is loud on the roof, the porch is sullen and unwelcoming, so I made more muffins, lit the fire, and put on a few lights even though it is against my religion in daylight hours. The inlet is full of ducks and coots, maybe for the shelter, though they appear to be eating something in the water.

I am playing loud, high-minded music, I am expecting three, maybe four callers, and I plan not to cross the threshold. How insular can you get!

my to-do basket~

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6 Responses to Digging In

  1. Kat says:

    It looks like you’ll be very busy in your cozy house, regardless of what is going on outside! Your to do basket is filled with much more lovely things than mine…sigh!

    Kat :)

  2. We have had the best weather here in Alabama all week. I dare say it has made me hopeful that Spring is right around the corner. Although you always seems to make me think of whatever you are talking about in a different way (romantic somehow)! Hope you have a great weekend! Mandi.

  3. Tricia Rose says:

    “Thou saw the fields laid bare an’ wast
    An’ weary Winter comin fast,
    An’ cozy here, beneath the blast,
    Thou thought to dwell…”

  4. I bet your house is a wonderful place to stowaway on a rainy day! I love hiding in a cozy corner and listening to the weather ;)

  5. Stitchfork says:

    Sounds cozy! And warmer than the current winter snow storm accosting us here.
    xo Cathy

  6. Sounds just perfect.. permission to hibernate, even just for a day! xoxo Kit

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