The Electric Shack

Do you, like us, have a lot of remote controls? We had eight – hard to believe and very confusing, but we counted them.
You have to bear in mind that we are technology-oriented – when they were little, the children though it normal to have a television studio and four humming floors of studios downstairs – Cissy once was chastised in Show and Tell for saying we had a tiger at our place yesterday… but that was long ago, in the wilds of Soho, far from this gentle backwater. However we still have things which need amplifiers, and complicated wiring behind the planked walls and driftwood furniture. Not just a simple shack, oh no!

So on Monday, smack bang in the middle of two complicated jobs with deadlines (his jobs not mine), Stefan came positively dancing into my workroom, “We’re going to have racks! A Machine room! All the machines under the coffee table will be gone! All the wires!” And I was very interested, mainly because my beautiful painted floor is quite delicate, and there are four machines on the lower deck of the coffee table so dragging it backwards and forwards to get at the router is nerve-wracking.

Our Shame

This rewire involves unglamorous things like ducts (my department), and finding space for the machine rack in his office and clearing it out, which he went at with a will which was pretty to see…taking intricate plugs apart and putting them back (my department), and knowing where the damn things actually go (his department).

So, what is the end result? We no longer have a guddle of wires and machines in the living room, nor eight remotes – just a master control plus one for the video projector, so my pretty ‘remote’ basket will be half empty. Ten days ago we cancelled satellite, our landline, Netflix Super, XM, and a couple of subscriptions and got a cleaner, Roku and Hulu instead. Twenty albums of photos are going heavenwards into our own little cloud, all our music is on iTunes so when I have the nerve I’ll donate our CDs. Same for most DVDs.

In my familiar corner of the World of Blog we tend to chat animatedly about photos, textures, flowers, roomscapes, gardens, and doing extreme things to found furniture, but under it, like drains, is an unmentioned infrastructure holding up all the pretty. Some bloggers are wonderful photographers, some are artists, some brilliant communicators- some really can write, some have an amazing eye, and some just have enormous loving hearts. What we have in common is the daily Resistance Movement against chaos and clutter which distracts us from things near and dear, or far and fascinating. Simplifying helps.

Pauline, are you proud of me?

See Stefan’s version.

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7 Responses to The Electric Shack

  1. Kat says:

    So true, I’m glad you have simplified the chaos around you, be it technology or something more mundane, I need to follow suit. This week I’ve been heard to say things like “Why don’t we just sell everything we have?!” That would solve any wiring and remote issues right?!

    Kat :)

  2. Stitchfork says:

    CD’s, DVD’s, wires galore here! Do need to simplify.
    Oh, and I spent a delightful hour or so looking through the books on the link you sent me — thanks!

  3. Brooke says:

    Given that our promotional cable/HDTV/Internet offer just ended and we got a bill this week at the “new” rate which is 50% more than we were paying, and the only way to return to the “old” rate is to sign on and bundle our services, including landline, and all I’ve ever read is to never bundle your services because if one goes, they all go…well, given all that, I too would love to simplify (and beat the Man at his game). Could you tell me more about Roku and Hulu?

  4. emelie says:

    Sounds like heaven – if I can ever figure out how to do something similar in our home, I will. (I am the “techie” between the two of us, which kind of says it all…)

    Also, thanks so much for the tip on pretty baby clothes, I just looked at their website – what gorgeous stuff!

  5. Great post, cracked me up! For some strange reason I hold onto remotes for TV’s and VCR players that we no longer have. I am truly impressed with your steps forward as I can appreciate how a creative person strives for an organized space even though that is mostly in his or hers dreams. I am intrigued by your ‘cloud’, is this a Mac expression for where you have stored your photos?? New software, do tell!

    Hope lots of new found creativity comes your way with this new space :)
    Best wishes…

    Jeanne xx

    PS…thanks for comment on the upside down photo!

  6. Sounds heavenly! It is sometimes difficult to get rid of clutter in our lives! Very well done! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

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