Moving the Furniture

Summer living revolves around the deck and the water; winter living moves inside the house to centre on the fire, so I have moved the long table against the opposite wall, moved the rug close to the woodstove and the two venerable Ikea chairs have more space, with the new West Point trunks flanking the fireplace, holding logs and serving as sidetables.

We feel the lack of footstools in this area – I always put my feet up, but I don’t want to clutter the floor. I had parameters: had to be comfortable, flat, preferably mobile and maybe with an undershelf or storage.

TaDa! I feel triumphant!

I had been keeping the outside cushions in a neat stack beside a sofa but there wasn’t really a reason for them to be there – I had dug out our flat four-wheeled trolly for the Remodelista Market, and saw that its cave under the outside stairs wasn’t contributing to its well-being so it was cluttering up the front deck, so I put the two together, tied them with rope and my best knots and – voici!Ingenious, moi?

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2 Responses to Moving the Furniture

  1. Katie Kidd says:

    Yes it is true – you are quite brilliant Tricia! I love your cat all curled up in it’s bed – it almost doesn’t look real it is so beautiful.


  2. Felix Sargent says:


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