All Done

We ceremonially inaugurated the new wiring by watching the President give the State of the Union address. I wonder why they do it so late at night, Eastern Time? I was sitting out in the gloaming, revelling in the scent of mimosa which tumbles down the hill, straight to us – far better than the whiff of skunk inside, I think there might have been an altercation between the resident raccoon mama and a wanderer, ben the hoos. We swung the screen round but soon had to come in – It’s still January so it’s not that warm.

Here’s how we did it – the machines moved to Stefan’s workroom around the corner, on shelves at right-angles to the wall so we can get to the plugs and routing. This creates a glory-hole behind which will soon be deeply cluttered, but that can’t be helped.

I had created ducts either side of the opening years ago, so I made a hole just under the ceiling, and the wires reappeared behind the top panels in the main room.
The tricky bit was working them around two corners, with a coathanger and a long pole, wires duct-taped to the end – then through a neat new hole in Stefan’s ceiling to drop down to the machines.

While we were at it we hard-wired the computer connection, even though we have WiFi, along one of two wiring ducts I made across the central room. I am so in love with my wiring ducts – I never want to see wires, and we have so many…

Ignore that woman. I am far slimmer.

Yesterday I put back all the trim, and there we are! Surround sound, streaming video projected onto an eight foot screen, no visible wires, one remote, and all in the privacy and comfort of our own little viewing back porch. Oh, smug smug smug.

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3 Responses to All Done

  1. Stitchfork says:

    I’ll bring the popcorn! What’s showing?
    Looks great!
    xo Cathy

  2. Kat says:

    You should be smug, I’m so envious! Enjoy!

    Kat :)

  3. ANN ROSE says:

    Now there’s a clever girl! P.S. How many will understand “ben the hoos’….I DO!

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