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Repair as Art Form

See this! It is a NYT slide show of a collection by Andrew Baseman – all broken and mended. Go to his blog ‘Past Imperfect – the art of inventive repair’, and glory in it!

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A Chorus Line

I took it into my head to starch and iron Stefan’s linen shirts – normally I allow them to retain their texture ahem but if we are walking the Hallowed Halls of Power again next week it might do to … Continue reading

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My sideboard seems to have sprouted an exuberant mess of growing green things! Spontaneously.

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All Done

We ceremonially inaugurated the new wiring by watching the President give the State of the Union address. I wonder why they do it so late at night, Eastern Time? I was sitting out in the gloaming, revelling in the scent … Continue reading

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The Electric Shack

Do you, like us, have a lot of remote controls? We had eight – hard to believe and very confusing, but we counted them. You have to bear in mind that we are technology-oriented – when they were little, the … Continue reading

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Friends like Brussel Sprouts

I just found this again after hearing it ages ago. Max Coots was a Unitarian minister so this has made the rounds but doesn’t seem to have hit the mainstream. Let us give thanks for a bounty of friends. For … Continue reading

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It is so uselessly nerve-wracking watching the floods in Queensland and being able to do nothing at all about it. My sister has patiently explained that the Tweed (where her house is) is high but not flooding, my niece is … Continue reading

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Moving the Furniture

Summer living revolves around the deck and the water; winter living moves inside the house to centre on the fire, so I have moved the long table against the opposite wall, moved the rug close to the woodstove and the … Continue reading

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I am still gloating over all the marvellous stuff I got yesterday at a boatyard sail – he is off to sail the world and needed to unload. My haul included two battered West Point trunks, an amazingly solid caged … Continue reading

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Winter Thoughts

It’s plain from my recent blogging record that at the moment I have absolutely nothing to say. Partly that I am aware how circular a lot of my day-to-day thinking is – I stand at my kitchen window while the … Continue reading

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