Staying Up While Down

I am not gifted in this manoevre, but the main thing is making the effort, and so many people seem to be sick right now, I wanted to share what I am culling from the experience.

At least there is an upside – at least you are getting a rest, and a get-out-of-jail-free card for all sorts of things (because you aren’t out sharing your germs with the innocent, are you? That is anti-social).

If you can manage it, get someone to clean your house. It is an investment.

Shower. The steam helps, and it will stop you feeling sordid. Brush and floss too – sitting down. Use body oil and cream lavishly, especially on your feet under thick socks. Favorite jamies, and a pashmina to wrap around your throat to feel better and look better too. Whatever happened to bed-jackets?

Flowers and a candle in your bedroom, but no tv. Books and music are your friends, as are big glasses of water and a box of clementines, and things that smell good – lemons, lavender, cedar oil. Watch dvds from the sofa in the evening.

It’s possible to manage a certain amount of work, surprise! but toddle back to bed the minute it occurs to you, with a hot drink in your hand.

The best thing by far (and I have been easing up to this, because people can baulk at it) is a neti pot, to irrigate your poor nose with warm salt water and gargle a bit while you’re at it. Can’t imagine voluntarily breathing water through your nose, think you’ll drown? Just try it. You’ll be more comfortable, and will get better days faster, I promise you.

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2 Responses to Staying Up While Down

  1. Tricia, right with u on the netti pot even if some, ahem, don’t want to mention it! :-)
    Xo, Lynn

  2. anne marie says:

    get well soon! all those are great tips -

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