Remodelista Market

I have spent the past few weeks in a flurry of productivity for the Remodelista Market, to be held in the SummerHouse Warehouse in Mill Valley this Sunday. I saw the space for the first time on Sunday, and I would move in there in a heartbeat if they’d let me – soaring, arched ceiling, high industrial windows and the best artlessly-hanging-around accessories – old French fireplaces, colossal handwoven rush baskets, massive iron chandeliers fit for swinging from (or more prosaically, a clothesline for Studio Patro‘s delectable tea towels). A vast yard given over to parking, but I could move my olive and lemon and fig trees in their wine barrels…

I hope to get first dibs on my favoured spot – and in the name of resisting temptation, please dear kind Remodelista, don’t put me next to the artisanal chocolate… or Molly’s lovely furushiki – and I have been craving a carbon steel knife from Heritage. All I can hope for is to be strong .

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5 Responses to Remodelista Market

  1. Oh friend, I want my favorite spot, which is next to you and your gorgeous linens. Either way, I know it will be a lovely day.

  2. zaira says:

    Hello Tricia Rose! I love to find you in this brand new site! Congratulation!! Hope you’re doing fine.


  3. Oh, I wish I could be there! I used to live in SF and then Marin. I will have to make
    a trip up that way just to find this wonderful sounding place and to meet you. My goodness, I understand, being next to chocolate would be pure torture for me because I would be gifting myself with sweet treats all day long!!!

  4. Well hello Tricia, it was so nice to meet you and your daughter Cissie today at Remodelista! your linens are gorgeous, I have my eye on a duvet cover! Hope the rest of your day went as well as things were when I was there… I could hardly get to you for all the people thronging around admiring your linens!



  5. How did it go? I would love to have stopped by, but am hoping, when you’re recovered, you’ll tell us here instead!

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