Yes, I’m relaxing – look at me!

Not convinced?

Midnight saw me chatting to my mum, only mid-afternoon her time. The Minnesota morning call had reminded me of my favorite scene in The Woman in White: the hero calls on the wicked old housekeeper who had been pensioned off in a cottage after – shock!- having the squire’s baby some twenty-five years ago. Full of righteous hauteur he attempts to question her, but she says,”You must go. At four my maid brings my hot buttered toast, and my hot buttered toast waits for no man.” And he hissy-fits off.

I am currently reading The Eustace Diamonds, and again seeing it from a modern viewpoint, it says a lot about the position of women. The Family (or the family solicitor) is attempting to get the diamonds back from Lady Eustace after her husband’s death, and never once does she sweetly say that she is part of the family! Nope, the never-stated assumption is that she was simply the necessary brood mare, bought in.

I suppose the moral is to examine other people’s assumptions and our own. Selfishness depends on your point of view.

Now back to relaxing.

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