Lessons Learned

I had a call from Minnesota at 7.30 this morning, from a well-meaning lady who wanted to get things done that very minute, if I would just go to the computer. I could hear censure in her voice when I said I was contemplating the dawn with a novel in my hand, just thinking of my first coffee, and would do it later. Huff!

I am so glad I didn’t leap out of bed. I would have if she’d been a client – I am not that laid back!

It is such a blessing to work from home: no commute, as much or as little structure as suits me at the time. New and needed rolls of fabric came just one hour after my dear house-guests left (someone in heaven is on special alert) and I cut most of the orders which have been piling up rather. Today I shall take photos of the curtain panels I made for VintageWeave and then sew, fortified by the memories of our wild weekend ride up Point Reyes in a sky-blue convertible with the top down, glorious sweetwater oysters at Hog Island and David’s fabulous cooking.

Riotous fun recalled in tranquility.

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  1. Oh, I envy you in California. Do you know the Thymes two girls up there? Sarah and Mary. They are worth finding.

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