Be Linen

Totally engrossing – thanks you so much Jena for sending this!

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  1. Therese Long says:

    Hi Tricia,

    Have you received my emails?
    I hope so, as I’m very excited about getting your linens and my treasures together.
    I’ve lined up a couple talented friends to join in the fun, just let me know when we can get together!!
    On another note, I saw a photo of your fabulous bed and bed linens on a blog called Slumber Designs. Check it out here
    Looking forward to getting together soon!!!

  2. I loved this video. I am embarrassed to say that as much as I sew and love fabrics I did not really know what linen looked like in its natural source! Thanks for sharing it. Mandi.

  3. O.k. Tricia. You just set my hair on fire with your comment poem on La Dolfina. Was that you? There was a date at the bottom, but no attribution. Holly goes Lightly got my post of the week great post vote, and another guy on the Nicky Haslam blog, was (mentally) getting my comment award, but hands down, you get it. Please tell me where that came from it was beautiful. Come see me, I want to know you. I’ll be back to go through your blog, but groceries call.

  4. Kirsty says:

    Beautiful photograph!

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