Anthology Party

Last night Carolyn and I put on glad rags and went to the Anthology party at West Elm in Bay Street. I didn’t recognise a soul there beyond the talented principals, but enjoyed a cocktail and lusted mildly after some wavy plates and bathed in total cutting-edge design savvy, hoping some would rub off. Great music, incidentally, and the proceeds are going to 826 Valencia Street which must be the most fun and one of the best causes around ( the link is to the store, and it is enchanting).

The real pleasure came afterwards though, when I lay in bed in blissful peace with a nice cup of tea (as I hope the girls managed). I enjoyed the magazine, and I hadn’t expected to – it has focus, it has content, dare I say something New Yorker about it. It’s a brave venture when so many shelter mags are folding, but they have lasered in on what we enjoy about print: informed opinion, the heft and availability of something you can hold in your hand, a clear aesthetic -and excised the irritations: gushy prose, irrelevant advertising, poor paper, thin content. All power to them.

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4 Responses to Anthology Party

  1. Hi Tricia!
    Is Anthology print or digital? Honestly, it is too hard for me to read digital unless I can get it on my Ipad.
    Bon weekend.

  2. kerrie says:

    Tricia Rose, I am so GLAD you left a comment on my blog. I’ve missed you and have wondered where you went!!!!! Now I see you have moved your blog. I guess I will need to catch up this weekend in reading all the posts I’ve missed. And I will add your new addie to my bloglist. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Yes…I have alot of actual b’day being 11-11-66. I consider it good luck! Next year we will have a BIG 11-11-11 Party for me! fun fun. ox~kerrie

  3. I hadn’t heard of Anthology but will certainly look out for it; I still enjoy reading (print copy) shelter magazines and their cover/tagline are certainly very appealing.

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