All About the Cabin

Lovely Alison at Houzz did an article on my cabin! I am very chuffed and feel slightly peeled and exposed – I do rabbit on, and she wrote it all down…

Cissy said “It does sound like you mum’. Yes, it does…home is where the mouth is

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  1. kerrie says:

    Oh how lovely, I will go take a peek! ox`kerrie

  2. Tricia, your place is AMAZING! I liked so many things. I was psyched to learn how you did the glass backsplash. I want to try one in one of my projects. BTW, the kitchen in the 2010 kips bay showhouse had one. I also saw one in a little beach house imposter about last summer. So you are right on trend. Loved seeing where u live. Best, Lynn

  3. Oh but I’m so glad she did – I feel I know you a little better already :)
    The cabin is even more delightful than I had imagined and I simply cannot get over the mini bed!! Cannot get over it. Xx

  4. OK, 3-2-1 I am zipping over there now!

    Struggling to be Stylish is now The English Organizer. Please come visit at

  5. Beautiful, beautiful! You should be in Coastal Living – truly. Your place looks so much more authentic than a house in Florida where a designer came in with ‘coastal’ fabrics.
    I love your spot for the movie screen and all the creative ways you’ve used things which are meaningful to you.

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