The Turn of the Year

The movements of kayaking are going through my mind, in the background: pushing the upper blade forward while pulling the lower blade through the top layer of water. Balanced, economical, reciprocal.

This is because I am thinking of seasons. Autumn surprised me when I realised I was getting up in the dark – when did that happen? and the dawn is now sepia, not pastel. I have an impulse to shut the bathroom window while showering, and I greet my old woolly jacket like a returning friend.

At the same time I hear lyrical welcomes of spring from my dear ones on the other side of the globe – having coffee under the jasmine, driving into the Southern Highlands, going to the beach… so familiar to me. I can smell the freshness of a bush spring along with the rich dampness of fallen leaves.

Transitional months have more poignancy – am I being greedy going both ways at once?

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One Response to The Turn of the Year

  1. Struggler says:

    Autumn always feels a bit like new year to me – I think it’s the sudden freshness in the air. But, the getting up in the dark part, I could certainly live without.

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