La Vie en Rose

This has been an uncharacteristically tranquil week, working at the day job Monday and today, and taking to my bed at all other times because I am convinced the old ways are the best ways for the recovery of health and equilibrium:  in other words, convalescence.

This is supported by all the Victorian novels I now read on my Kindle.  My goodness, those ladies would take to their rooms at the drop of a hat!  Warming pans, possets, kindly and unhurried female relatives to sit and take tea and plump pillows, even to read in soothing voices, and provide a protective interface between the world’s cares and the sanctity of the bed-chamber.

I acted so promptly I wasn’t sick,  I nipped the bud thoroughly with salt-water gargles and my Neti pot.  We are going to LA tomorrow and I want to be in top form.Cissels came over with freesias, good cheer and ginger in chocolate, I sat up in bed in my best nightwear and a cashmere shawl, watched the tide and the reflections of the water on the ceiling, and draped myself over a sofa at night to watch selected streaming videos.  A great leap forward from Victorian practices.

One result of all this equanimity is that I am a little behind on my orders – but not much.  Like a lot of women I can find it hard to stop – almost as if the world will cease to turn without my supervision.  Well it won’t, and maybe my business too is all the better for being an important and welcome part of my life but not a taskmaster.  I love what I do, and want to nurture it and myself in equal measure.

I have made the decision to offer finer white linen sheets and pillow cases along with my beloved Rough Linen.  I can do this because I have found a double-width white linen which is stronger than others I have found out there, in keeping with my simple, elemental aesthetic.  No point in selling what is available already!  Maybe this hard-won decision is at the heart of my new-found serenity.

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2 Responses to La Vie en Rose

  1. a-m says:

    Oh the view from your bed, that you describe, is enough to make anyone get better in a jiffy… so glad that you were wearing your best bed clobber. Gotta love the ereader. I am addicted to mine too… although not quite Victorian novels… bit of science, bit of minimalism, bit of interior stuff. Your new linen sounds divine. A-M xx

  2. Struggler says:

    Having been felled by a cold, I should probably be in bed now, rather than wondering if i have the energy to clear my emails and check off the credit card statement!
    I’m glad you nipped yours in the bud. Have a great time in LA.

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