I Like this Shot

I wanted to show my three-legged table, the photo albums had piled up there and not been moved, I am ridiculously attached to my old galvanised buckets-become-bins, and the lilies were just the icing on the cake. I take photos nearly every day: why do I like this one so much?

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5 Responses to I Like this Shot

  1. Margitta says:

    I like it too! Beautiful!

  2. Miri Leigh says:

    I like it too, especially that coral-colored straw hat!

  3. Struggler says:

    O-M-G – this is your house? It’s stunning. Totally magazine worthy. You should send this to Coastal Living, I bet they’d love it.

  4. Ann Rose says:

    I love that corner – I remember it so well – and it is even lovelier than it was then!

  5. A-M says:

    Oh so do I…. LOVE the mirror too…. and the bucket. A-M xx

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